Physical Health and Education

Physical Education is a way to keep the body of common man in shape and fit. Physical education is part of general education. Under it comes those exercises, which helps to achieve the goal of education. It does not only help in development of the body and mind, but help to develop nature, behavior, character and habit also. The individual earns knowledge by various experiences which influence ones nature behaviors and character.

There are many false concepts about physical education in our society
They are as under.

1. Some takes it to P.T (physical training) when it is not so. This phrase is used in force where the member of the force takes some particular exercise to be keep themselves physically fit.

2. Some takes it only for sports like hockey, football, and cricket.

3. Some take it to be drill. This word is also taken from forces where it applies for a particular serialized job.

4. Some takes it to be some competitive activities like race; jump etc.

5. Some limit it to Gymnastics only.

6. Some say its physical culture.

In fact there is no symptoms for Physical Education but they are all included for the purpose. It is not similar to other subject but placed somewhat in a better position. This concept is taking its right place these days. Real physical education should not be limit to nay part of it or days. Athletic, gymnastics, and all sports come under Physical Education.

New physical Education helps to develop balance physical, mental and emotional development of the person. It is natural also that physical development goes side by side with mental and emotional development. If mind is not healthy, body cannot remain healthy. Sick body's mind will also become sick. The child's all round development is the main objective of physical Health and Education.


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